SHARP MZ-800 & Unicard



This website is about the superb Sharp MZ-800 home computer from the first half of the 1980s. There is an excellent peripheral called Unicard for this machine. That's why you won't find any older obsolete MZ interfaces here.

All presented Information, documents and software are (no longer) for sale or used to earn money. Materials relate mostly to the MZ-800, partly also to its predecessors.

In some countries, there are hypertrophied individualistic laws that (from unknown reasons) prevent whatever sharing of abandonware and its use for pure hobby and non-commercial purposes. Especially if you, Dear visitor, are from Japan, any copy of original manuals, software and other materials will be welcome. Please write to 8bit # samcoupe * cz

What is the Sharp MZ800?

The Sharp MZ-800 is an improved MZ-700 model with real graphics modes (16 colours and up to 640*200 pixels). Similarly looks the MZ-1500 model, however it also includes a different graphics (gaming) hardware.

What is the Unicard

The Unicard mk3b is an expansion card for several MZ computer models which easily runs MZF/MZT files from a microSD card, emulates standard old SHARP peripherals (FDD, QD, RAM, etc.) and provides new outputs and connections with a modern peripherals (VGA, USB, RS-232, Ethernet, PS/2, audio).

What Emulator can handle the Sharp MZ-800 and the Unicard with a direct file access?

The Sharp MZ-800 Emulator by Chaky.